Secure M&A Process With Business Software

Secure M&A Process using Business Software

The process of onboarding new employees is among the most difficult aspects of any M&A. It is crucial to get them started as fast as is possible. Ineffective onboarding can cause lower productivity and a high turnover rate following an M&A.

During the M&A process, IT teams must integrate users from both systems in a seamless way without introducing security holes and compromising data integrity of the acquired business. Incorporating acquired workers using their own devices or third-party applications such as cloud-based services and social media is a challenge.

Cybersecurity professionals must tackle these issues by integrating themselves into M&A processes from the beginning and ensuring they have visibility over all moving components. This includes the post-merger integration stage as well as due diligence assessments. It is important for CISOs approach M&A with a servant-like attitude and to present cybersecurity risks in a way that executive teams can understand. This means avoiding technical jargon and using metrics executives can relate to like financial impact or reputational damage.

Our M&A software solution allows you to manage and monitor the M&A process by providing one dashboard that shows all activities, targets, documents, emails, conversations and issues in real-time. You can also create reports, lists, fields and lists to make it more suited to your specific needs. In addition, we’ve integrated features like two-factor authentication and audit logs that help you keep security controls and compliance with policies.

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